18. Brocken-Challenge reverse 2022



Brocken-Challenge 2022 reverse

I was lucky to win a slot for the race this year. Because of the Pandemic Situation we have to run a different route this year.

Start is in Schierke, run up the Brocken, than down and to Goettingen. 92km...

Start in Schierke was at 6.01 am. Waking up at Goettingen FEG at 3:00am with a great breakfast!

Running up the Brocken-Support road, arriving for sunrise at top!


Top of the Brocken



With great weather we run down the Brocken at the normal BC route, but in oppite direction to Goettingen.



Running in the snow is a lot of fun!


But when you leave the NP Harz, the snow end´s very fast and the last 42 km are a long hilly up and down.

I got a little lost at the Tilly-Eiche and so i run instead of 92 km, 102...


But in the end i found the finish and had a great meal at the FEG.

Thank´s so much!