In Corona-Times travelling is very difficult, no races to visit. Only virtual.

For running i bought a UD 40 backpack for running and overnight camping.

Cooker, tend, sleepingback and iso mat, and some extra stuff.


30 Jahre, 30 Künstler, Ausstellung in der Galerie Tobien/ Kunsthaus St.Peter-Ording


Exposition: 17.06-05.08.2020

25826 St.Peter-Ording, Wittdüner Geest

Öffnungszeiten Tobien und Kunstsammlung SPO: Mi - So jeweils von 14 - 18 Uhr.

Fehrmarn-Ultra (Corona-Edition)


A big round around the Island. With only eight runners...

Karl-Heinz-Jost-Ultra (Corona-Edition)



Karl-Heinz-Jost-Ultra, because of Corona this year in the opposite-direction-

Eckernförde-Husum and only two runners...






The last Exposition of works from the KunstKlima Group in 2019




Run to...don´t look up! see a lot off different typ´s of surfaces if you don´t look up, but carefully with the rest of the universe...





30 Years of...





At this year are some anniversarys:

In September i had the luck to skate and run the Berlin-Marathon. This year the weather conditions were difficult. Skating in the rain, running with rain. Weather like home at the northcoast...

KunstKlima Showroom 2019


The Art-Season 2019 has startet: Our new Show-Room 2019...