Hamburg/Elbphilharmonie-Just call me God


John Malkovich-Just call me God


The first time i had the opportunety to visit the "Elbphie". I was very curius about...when i bought the ticket last year ,i did´nt knew what i whould get. I have knewn John Malcowitch as a actor, so i did´nt knew what he would perform in a Opera-Place.


Brocken-Challenge 2017




Last training run at the waddensea with a little bit of snow...



Two Ultra-Trailrunners on tour...


 The two doing Trailrunning in Asia and than it goes back to Berlin by bicycle... good luck and always fresh legs!

Three Generations of PanAmericana-Cyclist


PanAmericana in the 80th.

Walter Stolte:

I knew him since a lot of years, and he gave me the idea to do this Adventure by myself.

Work in process...





New Year 2017


The new Year 2017 start´s with a blank page...but they will fill...




Longdistance Hamburg 2017


The new Sportsyear start´s now...

After some years of doing a lot of Trailrunning, i will try again a Longdistance Triathlon, this year the first time in Hamburg.

You can follow my training at:

N.P. Wattenmeer#3



Run: Tating-Westerhever-Leuchtturm-Tümlauer Koog